Sevasadan dilasa karyashala is working for mentally challenged adults from June 1984. Special adults are given admission in this workshop in the age group of 18 to 45 yrs. They are kept engaged in various vocational activities. Many products are produced/made in our various departments. These adults are trained to prepare various types of eatables products like pickles, chutney, bhajni, masale, cakes through to the following procedure of mention below.

  • Sorting
  • Roasting
  • Grinding
  • Cutting /slicing
  • Weighing
  • Packing

These are done by special adults. They have become expert in the above mentioned activities. Also making chakli, shev, Punjabi sticks, shankarpale. These people also do the following procedure –

  • Counting of ingredients
  • Soaking
  • Removing products from mould
  • Rolling
  • Packing the products

They are also trained to make beautiful art & craft products which are used to decorate our homes or offices like a rangolis, torans, rakhees, bracelets, ear-rings etc. We give them opportunity to use their energy in a positive manner by teaching them basic farming skills like a sowing, collecting dried leaves and twigs, making flower bed. These activities can be done by these people whose IQ are from severe to moderate level according to their physical & mental capabilities & grasping capability.  These people are also given stipend to boost their confidence for which they work hard. Various cultural programs are arranged for them to enhance their physical & mental capabilities.  For overall development various activities like yoga sana , dance, music therapy, meditation etc. are also undertaken. Various entertainment programs are arranged to give these special adult joy & fun. Like a puppet show, magic show, orchestra, fun games etc. Workshops or awareness programs are arranged for parents regarding counseling.


Committee members – Pune Sevasadan Society of Dilasa Karyashala

Mrs. Shashitai Kirloskar

Mr. Dr. D.V.Dhamdere
Vice President

Mr. Chintamani Patwardhan
General Secretary

Mrs. Varsha Paranjpe
School Committee Chairman

Meghana Joshi


She is working in sevasadan dilasa karyashala on the post of Manager since 1999. She has done her B.Hsc (Home science) and thereafter she has done a course of DTMR (Diploma training in Mental Retardation) She looks the entire administration, responsibilities and work for the organization. At the same time she is also looking into matters pertaining to special adults, striving for their rehabilitation, undertaking various programs, arranging seminars for parents, marketing for the goods /products made by these special adults.